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ClamAV E-mail Virus Protection

ClamAV is a completely open-source virus protection system which scans all e-mails both incoming and outgoing from our Linux hosting environment. As far as anti-virus is concerned, ClamAV is without a doubt one of the best e-mail security solutions on the market. With crontab updating running every night to get the very most recent virus definitions, there's not a virus protection system on the net which will keep you more up-to-date than ClamAV. Best of all, ClamAV's massive virus definition database containing over 10,000's of listings is totally community driven, utilizing virtually the entire open source community as it's virus research base – a community of researchers far exceeding the numbers attainable by any closed-source solution. This, of course, resulting in some of the best anti-virus protection software available. ClamAV anti-virus protection is offered to all of our clients and comes well recommended and its a good fit for our clients saftey over there desktop email clients.

What do I need to do to be protected?

Absolutely nothing! Unlike Spam Assassin whcih is also included in all our hosting services, there's no need to customize settings to begin protecting your e-mail. Virus library updating will also be maintained by our team of server administrators, and none of these features will eat up bandwidth, disk space, or MySQL databases associated with your web hosting account as the ClamAV virus defenitions are stored server side. Once you've setup a POP3 e-mail account, you can rest easy knowing our team of professionals is monitoring the virus protection front at all times. With the amount of viruses in circulation, we highly recommend ClamAV as one of the most reliable anti-virus protection software utilities available and we pride our selves on developing or deploying new technolgy for your overall security.

ClanAV is integrated at the exim mail server, it protects all clients that use our email servers, which include webmail, Squirel Mail, Horde Mail, POP, IMAP and SMTP. The web servers at VisionThisHosting.com are set to work with the following security modules, MailScanner, Spam Assassin, Norton Security and Mod_Secure to insure optimal security for our clients and our servers.