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Switching Web Host Got Just Easier!

We understand that hosting clients assume that they are stuck with there old web host, so not true. You deserve your money's worth so transfer your website to us for FREE.

Free Web Site Transfer

Let us make the transition as easy as possible

Perhaps your business or personal web site is growing faster than your old web hosting company can keep up with or maybe your chosen web host just isn't up to par with your sites' needs.

In any case, the best solution to this is to switch to Vision This Hosting. We offer free web site transfer from your old host to our secure servers by our professional transfer team.

Of course there are a few steps you should take to ensure the transition from your old web host to VisionThisHosting.com is seamless and worry-free one.

Steps to take

Better to be safe then sorry!

1.) Backup all your files, images and folder(s) currently hosted with your old web host provider. Be sure to double check and make sure you have saved all your files and anything else you want saved.

2.) Backup up all MySQL databases if you have any. Be sure to check the file to ensure it's not corrupted or damaged as this file is the lifeline of your website or blog.

3.) Make a note of any email address you may have created with your old web host as you will want to recreate them as they are used with your website for either billing, sales or support related.

4.) Can't stress this enough - make backups of backups. Its always good advice to make more then one backup of your entire sites content. If you have a CD-RW or DVD-RW burner, burn it to disk for safe keeping and this way you're secure and sure you have all your files in case something doesn't successfully transfer over.

The Information we will need for the transfer

Help us make this a a speedy process

1.) FTP information, Username and Passwords for backups

2.) CPanel Username and Passwords of old web host - so that our web host technicians can make backups of your MySQL databases and recreate them on VisionThisHosting.com

3.) Any other details you may think of; that needs to be addressed before the transfer takes place by our qualified staff.

Our special transfer team will move your content and databases from your old web host provider and notify you once it has been completed.

Transfer Promotion Conditions

Rules & Conditions That Apply

1.) The transfer promotion applies to NEW customers only who purchase any blog hosting plans or web hosting plans located at:

2.) This offer is only valid to web hosting customers who purchase services for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or more.

3.) This offer is not valid to resellers or affiliates.

4.) The web hosting customer must provide proof that the account(s) that are to be transferred must be registered with the previous web host for more than 30 days.

5.) The customer needs to request this transfer promotion by submitting a support ticket at http://www.visionthishosting.com/support-desk/ within 30 days after initial signup.

6.) This web host transfer promotion does not have any cash value, and cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Website Transfer Terms

Terms that apply

1.) The customer must email our support dept at support[at]visionthishosting.com with the ftp, control panel login details, MySQL login details etc. from the previous host in order to expedite the transfer process. All additional assistance that may be needed during the transfer, which includes but is not limited to: contacting its previous host in case of technical problem on its side, etc.

2.) We cannot guarantee successful transfer if any of the following conditions is present:

2.1) If the website uses a different MySQL version than what Vision This Hosting currently we use MySQL 5+

2.2) If the website uses a different PHP version of what Vision This Hosting currently uses PHP 4.4.8 & PHP 5.2.6

2.3) If the old web host uses different web server settings that are different from Vision This Hosting, you will need to adjust manually with your website configuration file contact support for assistance.

2.4) If the server of the previous web host continuously experiences time outs during the transfer.

3.) Email accounts and old email messages stored on your old web host; will not be included in the transfer from the old web host.

4.) FTP accounts for individual users will need to be created manually in the cPanel by the customer.

5.) ALL Sub Domains, Add-on Domains and Parked Domains should be re-added or recreated in the cPanel by the customer.

6.) If you wish for our transfer team to setup up any Sub Domains, Add-on Domains or Parked Domains, this should be done seperatly and all inquiries should be sent to our support or sales department by the customer by submitting a request in writing, as it is not included in the website transfer.

7.) The website transfer can take up to 7 days to be completed after all necessary information is provided by customer.

8.) Website content greater than 5 GB cannot be transferred for free as part of the transfer promotion.

9.) If your web site content is greater then 5 GB of content the customer will be invoiced for $35.00 US. Once the invoice has been paid your files, data and content will be transferred within 7 days of initial payment.