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Vision This Hosting is pleased to offer our customers state-of-the-art Spam/Virus detection and removal software. Our solution employs 4 different anti Spam Solution systems (MailScanner, Spam Assassin, ClamAV, and user definable rules-based Spam filtering). The use of these various systems is designed to help you eliminate and remove up-to 98% of unsolicited email, identified as junk mail spam, phishing schemes and viruses from reaching your inbox.

MailScanner is free of charge with all web hosting accounts, and is enabled by default!

How does MailScanner work?

Our spam filter solution works to minimize and control the risk of high threat viruses, and protects the damage spam does to your business, by preventing it from even being routed to your inbox, after all why should you have to pay for the bandwidth of junk mail.

The spam filter system scans every email sent to your account verifying the legitimacy of the email and determining the likelihood of the email containing viruses or spam. The system is deployed and administered on the mail server and managed by us ensuring there is no administrative overhead for your organization.

The anti spam application works to identify spam emails before they reach your email box. Emails are scanned using our internal Spam detection and filtering network. Vision This Hosting also uses Spam Assassin a server based mail filtering system that also allows users to set rules on what types of email should be delivered.

Furthermore, an additional layer of Spam protection can be utilized from enabling the custom Spam filters available from your control panel (cPanel). This multi task approach ensures maximum efficiency in reducing Spam to your email box and can reduce spam levels by up-to 98%.

Depending on your specific requirements the Spam filter can manage email identified as Spam in one of two ways

Automatic Deletion
Once a particular email has been identified as a potential virus or spam it is automatically deleted ensuring your never inconvenienced by spam in your inbox, or a virus potentially causing damage to your computer. The emails are erased by the mail server and are never delivered to the end user dramatically reducing the presence of unwanted email in your mail box.

Automatic Tagging and Filtering
The filtering application can be set to automatically tag suspected Spam emails, once tagged the email will be delivered to the end user where the Email Program (such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) will identify the tag and move the email to your junk folder. This way emails are never lost but are simply relocated to the user's junk folder. The user is then able to browse through the folder on a daily or weekly basis retrieving any emails that maybe of interest or use. Read more on how to set up your Outlook or Email Client to identify tagged email and redirect it to a spam folder!

Benefits of MailScanner

– Fully managed spam prevention system, minimizing administrative time viewing and deleting unwanted email, and saving you $100 and even $1000's of dollars a year in bandwidth fees for your organization.

– Constant checks for consistent spammers against an independent database of identified spammers.

– Scans email at the exim mail server, therefore emails identified as viruses or spam never reach your desktop.

– Real-time detection and identification of suspected emails

– Scalability – Protecting from 1 to thousands of mailboxes.

Email Security Used On Vision This Hosting

MailScanner: An open source e-mail security system for use on UNIX e-mail gateways.

SpamAssassin: Email filter which attempts to identify Spam using a variety of mechanisms including text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blacklists, and collaborative filtering databases.

ClamAV: A GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX which provides attachment scanning.

MailScanner Options

Since MailScanner filters mail before it gets to your account, MailScanner is a "Must Have" option to protect your inbox and computer. It can be turned on or off for individual mailboxes by user request, contact support