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Mambo Web Hosting

Mambo is a favorite among our clients and virtually has everything you will ever need. We recommend it and offer it with all our web hosting plans and provide free installation or it can be installed through "Fantastico". Of course we offer other CMS but Mambo seems to be the favorite plus it's open source meaning its free.

Our servers are set up to handle the resources needed by a Content Management Systems, that's what makes us the first choice among many clients and makes us the No. 1 Mambo Host Provider. To see other content management systems we offer and 100's of other scripts click here.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system is a system where you can update your web site or database content remotely by logging into the administration area. It's an efficient way to keep your site dynamic and up to date with the minimal amount of knowledge or labor.

Mambo is "modular driven," and this is what makes it so powerful. Many modules and components are available and can be quickly deployed in the administration control panel. Modules and components are free add-ons developed by open source web developers.

Mambo's key features

– Shopping cart / eCommerce ready
– Great for Real estate sites
– Full Support system
– Link exchange
– Forums / Discussion Board
– Online photo album
– User management
– Document management
– Software repository
– Completely database driven site engines
– Manage News, products or services with ease
– Topics sections can be expanded by contributing authors
– Fully customizable layouts, including left, center and right menu boxes
– Upload images, via the users web browser
– Polls /Voting booth
– Plus much more!

Mambo's Extensive Administration

– RSS feed manager to select news feeds from any website
– Image library - store PNG's, PDF's, DOC's, XLS's, GIF's and JPEG's
– Archive manager. Old articles get archived for future reference.
– Polls / Surveys - Put a different one on any page
– User editable look and feel
– Advertising manager for the ability to run banner ads to generate revenue
– Change order of objects including news, FAQ's, articles etc
– Template Manager for easy changes to a current or old theme
– WYSIWYG Text editor similar to Microsoft Word
– Automatic Path-Finder for pictures lets Mambo fix the link or path
– Random Newsflash generator
– Dynamic sections - create as many sections or divisions of pages as you need
– Remote author submission module for News, Articles, FAQ's and Links
– Layout preview. Preview the changes before publishing it to the public
– User permissions and privledges

Mambo's Add-ons & Extra Features

– LDAP authentication
– Document managers
– 100's of Templates
– Events calendar
– User access groups
– Content macro language (aka mambots).
– Search engine friendly URL's
– Full content syndication (RSS).
– Trash manager
– Page caching to improve performance on busy sites
– Online help documents.
– Content approval by admin for submissions of user content.
– A large user and developement community for support.

Select your Mambo Web Hosting plan and get started taking advantage of some of the powerful features Mambo has to offer!