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SpamAssassin Spam Protection

What is spam?

"Spam" is unsolicited commercial email, formally known as spam mail or junk email.

SpamAssassin is a spam-detection program that uses several advanced techniques to detect and filter potential email spam. SpamAssassin can be integrated into the mail server to automatically filter all spam for a domain and uses rules, or "tests," to determine what is spam and what is not.

As each email is tested, it is scored according the rules. Email is considered to be spam if it scores above a configurable set point. Each user can configure SpamAssassin's threshold for determining if an email is spam, suspicious, or not spam.

Rules are not the only method of spam detection, however: SpamAssassin also supports network-based filtering such as DNS-based blacklists, URI-based blacklists, hash algorithms, and checksum-based filters. SpamAssassin can also learn what is spam and what is not spam by using a Bayesian filter, but this requires the user to mark messages as spam or not-spam.

SpamAssassin is located in your cPanel

cPanel installations typically come with SpamAssassin. In cPanel, SpamAssassin is in the Mail heading section:

SpamAssassin Spam Filter

SpamAssassin is disabled by default, each client will need to enable SpamAssassin in there cPanel control panel and once it has been enabled it will be pre-configured at a score setting of "5," which can be changed and configed by the domain owner. Higher settings will let more email through; lower settings will mark more email as spam. Individual users should keep the default setting while Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should consider a more conservative setting of 8 or 10.

SpamAssassin Spam Filter

Additional configuration

Additional configuration settings are available by simply clicking the Configure SpamAssassin button located on the main page.

SpamAssassin Spam Filter

In the "Configure SpamAssassin" screen, you can enter blacklist entries which will mark email from undesired addresses that you don't wish to recieve to the "blackhole," or you may want to add users email to the whitelist so there not to be marked as spam), and by setting individual scores per email entries (assigns scores to any given test).

SpamAssassin Spam Filter