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WordPress is an advanced blogging tool that provides a rich set of features. WordPress offers 100's of themes and comes complete with an administrator control panel where you control the entire look and feel. You can easily compose a blog post, and publish or save it as a draft until its ready for publication on the Internet! WordPress makes your blog posts look professional, and comes with a rich text editor, image uploading, defined categories, RSS and more. Plus if you prefer to use html code you can turn off the rich text editor, it also generates clean code that conforms to web standards.

Managing Your Blog Just Got Easier!

1 Click Installation: WordPress is included in Fantastico auto installer and can be loaded on your web site with just a few mouse clicks. It can be installed in the root directory or sub directory of your choice.

User Control: WordPress allows you to set different permissions to your blog, by setting permissions on users, and commenting prevlidges or requiring users to register building your readership. This is all done via the user-level system inside the admin control panel.

Template Design: WordPress uses templates to generate the pages dynamically. You can control the overall look and feel of the content by editing the templates using the built in template editor, plus for the more experience coder, you can easily design your theme and FTP giving you the overall freedom that blogger doesn't.

WordPress Themes: You can download and add hundreds of templates and themes for each season, mood or gender using an abundant amount of readily available themes, or styles by the WordPress community.

WordPress Plug-ins: WordPress uses plug-ins to extend the core functionality of your WordPress blog giving you more control of how you manage your blog and users. Plug-ins can also vastly make a huge difference to the look and feel of your blog and can provide more interaction for users and visitors making your site truly unique. A large number of developed plug-ins are already available and can be downloaded and installed within a few clicks.

XML-RPC Interface Support: WordPress currently supports extended version of the Blogger API, MetaWeblog API and MovableType API, so you can import your blog right in to WordPress. So you don't have to export all your post and files WordPress does it for you!.

Multiple Authors & Administration Levels: You have full control of which users can register and maintain profiles, by using the 10 permission levels you can set privileges for publishing, editing, options, and administration all within the admin control panel.

WordPress Dynamic Pages: Create pages with different content and categories for your needs. You can create pages for your own personal portfolio, terms, about you and news pages. The skys the limit!

Why Choose WordPress Web Hosting?

WordPress is one of the most active development communities online, so you're sure to always see new templates, plug-ins, and added features and security to fit your needs! Click here to get you Blog hosting account today!

Some of WordPress Features

File and Images: You can upload pictures and files, and link to them or display them in your blog post.

Image Settings: You have the option of displaying or setting the image to thumbnails or creating a hyperlink to other post or URLS.

Archives: WordPress also archives old post and articles organizing them in a month to month fashion, keeping your posts organized, for future reference.

Categories: Organize your posts and articles into user defined categories, and sub-categories. This allowing users and visitors to read what interest them.

Rich Text Editor: WordPress has included a rich text editor giving you the choice to use font colors, font styles and font headings. Making it easier to manage and give your content that personal touch to your articles.

Search: WordPress has a search function built-in for users and visitors, to your blog to search for terms they are interested in.

Smileys & Emoticons: WordPress is smart enough to convert characters in users input and interaction in comments and turn it into the graphical image counterparts. This displaying a graphic image counterpart for smile, grin, giggle etc.

Spam Protection: WordPress includes tools to stop blog spam by integrating a blacklist and open proxy checker to manage and eliminate comment spam on your blog.

Intergrated Blog Pinging: WordPress supports pinging Ping-O-Matic, which means maximum exposure for your blog to the search engines. Plus you can add other ping services like Technorati in the admin interface.

WordPress Links: Link to other associated blogs, with ease becuase WordPress intergrated its own blogroll so you can easily add links to your blog without any 3 rd party software.

Select your WordPress Web Hosting plan and get started taking advantage of some of the powerful features WordPress has to offer!